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  • $50   Bus. Card (2.125"x3.625")
  • $60   1/8 page (2"x5.5")•(3"x4")•(2.75”x4.25”)
  • $70   1/6 page (4.25"x3.5") • (2.75”x5.5”)
  • $75   1/4 page (4.25"x5.5")•(2.75”x8.5”)
  • $90   Postcards (4"x6")
  • $125   1/3 page (3.5"x8.5")•(4”x9”)
  • $100   CD Inserts (4.875”x4.875”)
  • $150   Postcards (5"x7")
  • $200   1/2 page (4.25"x11")•(6"x8")•(5.5”x8.5”)
  • $350   Full Page (5.5"x17")•(8.5"x11")•(8”x12”)
  • Larger projects please email us the specifics at our contact page
  • $150   Logo Reproduction
  • $250   Logo Design

These prices are only for design and do not include printing costs, in conjunction with printing companies printing available upon request.

PRICING GUIDE: animations

  • $500   Basic Web Site (include webmailer, social network links, between 5-7 web pages with basic animation, a logo and one month free maintainence*)
  • More involved sites email us the specifics at our contact page

  • $200   Basic Character Design 2D
  • $300   Basic Character Design 3D
  • $350   Basic Animated Logo 5 second spot
  • $400   Basic 3D simulation
  • Animations and Motion Graphics are determined on a per project basis email the specifics at our contact page

  • If there is anything that you do not see on this list that you have questions about feel free to contact us using our contact page

*(Disclaimer: All pricing subject to change depending on specifics involved)
*(Disclaimer: Basic web maintainence include changing text, uploading new photos, adding new links and adding up to one new page)
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